Saturday, February 6, 2021

Rock and hard place


Sometimes, after I get tired of being called Ma'am on the phone at my library too many times (simply because I have a higher voice), I remember that I can answer the phone with my standard boy name. It's not perfect, but it takes care of most of the Ma'am problem.

So I say "Good afternoon, Lilyvale Library, this is Feldenstein."

And after that introduction people almost never call me Ma'am, which is great. 

But what they do a lot is say something like "Hi Feldenstein." In a really familiar feeling way.

And I invariably think: 

Wait. Do I know them?

Then they say "Can you help me renew my books Feldenstein?"

And I realize, no, I don't know them! And they don't know me. At all!

But then I think in confusion:

But how did they know my name!

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