Wednesday, March 31, 2021

First flowers of Spring, second try


Starved of color in a bleak, Pandemic Winter, finally Spring and hope returns, and we look to the first flowers of the year to bring us that thrilling burst of color! Being something of a naturalist photographer I know where all the budding new flowers are as they make their first appearances on the scene. And I am here to bring you the dynamic and amazing first budding flowers of Spring!

I know what you're thinking:

"Is this a trick? Because I could swear that yesterday you introduced pictures of the first Spring flowers only to show pictures of birds instead. Or so I've been told. I've actually never read your blog before." 

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Where'd they go?

No matter, I guess. 

But the new person was right! We did get a little distracted on the way to the first flower pictures yesterday. There was a Robin instead. And then there were ducks. It was the most natural thing in the world. Could've happened to anyone.

But not today. Not another blogpost will go by without us taking, after a season of whiteness, and drabness, a technicolor look at these bright heralds of life, the new flowers of Spring. I only have a few, but your color starved eyes will surely thank me for these. 

So feast your eyes upon the first flowers of Spring:

Ah. Hmn. No. Wait. 

That's a picture of a Monet painting.

Hold on.

Technical difficulties.


Bear with me.

Hold this for me for a second.

A to B, B to A.

Let's try this then:



Not the bird again. That's an accident.

Just a few problems here. I think I've...


Here we go! Got it!

And there it is: The first flowers of Spring!

What do you think of that?!!

A feast for the eyes, eh?

What's that?

It's probably your device. You might want to try rebooting.

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