Tuesday, March 30, 2021

First flowers!


As Spring has squeezed in here in St. Minneapolis, and snow melted to rain, my thoughts quickly turned to flowers. So I grabbed my handy camera and went out to take the first pictures of this year's flowers.

I'm kinda famous for my flower pictures.

Once someone said to me:

I like your pictures of flowers.

Tip o' the iceberg. 

When it gets warmer and we can go swimming we'll go see all the rest of the favorable flower picture comments that are under the surface of the water. Right now we just see the one sticking icily up above the surface, but trust me, there is so much more.

"Hey, where are the flowers?" You cry.

I'm excited too!

Let's go get those flower pictures.

But first, you should know that there aren't a lot of flowers yet. Things are just budding, mostly trees. But rest assured there are some flowers. And I know where they are!

So let's go get those flowers!

We're on a mission!

Here are the first flowers of the year!

The First Flowers:

"Hey! Those aren't flowers!" You cry.

No. Fair point. Fair point indeed, and I'm glad you brought it up.

I went out to take some pictures of the first flowers of the year, but there was this awesome Robin frolicking in this magical pond!

Well, actually it's the gutter, but you take my point.

Anyway, I was distracted. This happens even with professional photographers! I read about it.

But don't worry, I was on a mission, a mission to photograph the first flowers.

And here they are:

 Now you might be thinking:

"These are ducks, not flowers."

I have to say you're very good at this. These are indeed ducks, rather than flowers!

I was totally planning on taking pictures of flowers, but I came upon these ducks in the river.

Was I supposed to just not take pictures of these ducks?

Think of how the ducks would feel!

I'm glad we see eye to eye on this.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the first flowers of Spring!


  1. It must be a day for birds!!!! Flowers are showoffs anyway!! This morning I heard some distinct chirping...high pitch...childlike as I washed my coffee cup in the kitchen sink and the swoop! swoop! chirp! chirp! The swallows are back!!! Two nests, by kitchen window, the other by front living room window. Now we gets weeks of chirping and swooping in the very same nests they constructed last year, w/ remnants of the year before. It is a day of bird celebration, for ducks and crows and robins and swallows!

    1. I think you're right! Birds do seem to be everywhere now. I hear them more than see them sometimes when I'm out. I guess they're ready. I wouldn't even recognize a swallow and there you are surrounded!

  2. I take exception to your statement that flowers are showoffs. I have seen flowers twice this spring, yellow and purple crocuses. Far from showing off, they were sheltering among leaf litter, barely showing their colors.

    Birds are the showoffs. Nice ones, but definitely showing off

    1. All I can say is that I am delighted to see an argument over whether birds or flowers are bigger showoffs here in the comment section!


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