Thursday, March 11, 2021

Leopards ate our faces






 I had my cap on, and my mask. I took the elevator down. The doors opened up and a woman was standing there with her dog. Bundled up for the cool morning she had her hat and scarf wrapped 'round. The bottom half of her face was covered too by her mask. We may have mumbled muffled greetings, but what I thought was: 

Oh my god! We're all in Burkas now!

Little more than a year ago we all thought Burkas should be illegal and that the people who still wore them should be thrown in Burka camps!

We didn't think that?

I'm pretty sure there were tons of Republicans thinking that! And just about now when they look around I bet they're burning white hot with shame!

They aren't?

Well could someone tell them that they should be?


  1. And while you're at it, tell the Swiss.

    1. Oh, right, I saw that, yes, the Swiss. Although how I became the "someone" in this equation is confusing.

  2. OK, amend that to read "SOME someone should tell the Swiss. Present company excepted, unless they want to.

    1. Thanks. This revision means so much to me that if I meet any Swiss I'm going to tell them!


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