Monday, March 8, 2021

The good weather





It's been a challenging week. I've had a lot of really painful back problems all week. But because of a variety of other health issues around my house, and difficulties with the library involving the Pandemic, I had gone through too much of my sick time over the past half year to feel comfortable staying home from work.

So there I was, on a Wednesday in early March that was hinting broadly of Spring, answering the phones: 

"Good afternoon. Lilyvale Library, this is Feldenstein." I said brightly into the receiver.

"Wow, you sound like you're having a good day!" They said back.

"Oh." I replied. "That's just performative. I just play a happy, engaged, and helpful person in my role as a person working at the library."

They either didn't get it or buy it. "I'm doing pretty good today too."

"It is a fantastically beautiful day." I admitted.

Because, despite everything, it kind of is. 

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