Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Vitamin D


I have been taking Vitamin D on a daily basis. I have been doing this because

1. We have some.

2. It's orange essence flavor.

3. There is no sunlight in Winter where I live, so my body can't make it itself.

4. I'm shedding all my hair due to Vitamin D deficiency.

5. Supposedly Vitamin D deficiency is linked to worse outcomes in covid illness!

6. I am terrified of covid outcomes and wish someone would give me a vaccine already!!!!

Number six there was kind of a bonus item on the list.

It turns out one can store up Vitamin D in one's own fat. Apparently what we're supposed to do is lose weight in our frigid Winters, when there's little but an occasional caribou to eat, and as we burn up our Summer fat we get the Winter Vitamin D we need.

Unfortunately all Winter long we have readily available bags of tortilla chips, blue cheeses, and cashews, so it doesn't work out properly for us people anymore.

The animals are a different story though. Out on my photography jaunts, as my world makes halting gestures towards Spring, I have observed quite a few more animals around. They all seem notably skinnier than usual.

Look at this robin, for instance, he's pretty skinny!:

Here's a double-chinned Summer robin for reference. He's positively corpulent!:

And now check out this crow I took a picture of today:

Yeah, I know he doesn't look that skinny, but you should have seen him five months ago! An absolute porker! It was a spectacle!

Not that he didn't wear it well.

Really he's just big-feathered.


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