Monday, April 12, 2021

Fake watercolors


So I was at the mall again. 

It was a quick trip, but I was still alarmed at how crowded it was. I was standing outside the Apple store, which had a curious amount of security. And I thought:

How about I just dash off a quick watercolor of this scene while I'm waiting?

So I got out my little portable watercolor kit, with its six high quality pads of color, a small jar of water, two sable brushes, and a four by six block of 120 pound watercolor paper.

I sketched this light image:

Not bad really.

But I like simpler forms. The figures got a bit intricate for me. I was more interested in the light reflecting on the floor.

So I painted this one looking down the mall atrium:


But I'm really more of a plein air painter.

So I put my paints away and thought of trees. I got an idea.

I pulled out my paints again and sketched out a couple impressions I had in my mind of trees to work up later into full fledged oil paintings.

I liked that. 

So I tried my hand at a pond:


It needed a duck!

Wait, what about a hawk? I should try a hawk. I'll work it in later.

And with that, I was out of paint.

I washed my brushes and put away my little kit, hoping my paintings were dry enough to pack up.

"Well that was an engaging two minutes work." I thought.

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