Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Glossary of terms


Because Clerkmanifesto adopted, invented, and/or uses a variety of non traditional or previously non existent terms, I thought it might be useful to include a brief glossary of them to serve as a reminder to regular readers and an explanation for newer ones. I hope this can help clarify past and future posts here for you.

St. Minneapolis, or Saint Minneapolis

I refuse to accept that the city I live in is somehow two cities, and I don't approve of it. Thus the usual nickname for St. Paul and Minneapolis, "The Twin Cities", does not satisfy me and I have grown to resent it. It's just one city here, including an assortment of inner ring suburbs, and it's called St. Minneapolis, even if I might be the only person to call it so.


It galls me even now that my spell check flags the word, but yes, it is of my own invention. "Condeluded" means to be mistaken in one's own interests. To use the word, I am condeluded in thinking that it is a grave injustice that I and this word are not acclaimed and famous.


I honestly don't use this term as often as its relevancy suggests for fear people won't understand. Maybe its appearance in the glossary will encourage me going forward. It is an acronym for Automated Materials Handler, a large, million dollar machine that checks in and sorts items at the library I work at. It comes up regularly because I love this AMH like George loved Lennie in Of Mice and Men (yes, I know it's complicated).


Speaking of friends, no, this "Grape" is not referring in any way to the fruit. This is my nickname for a dear, old friend of mine who comes up with some regularity here, especially when I'm missing him and want to lure him out of the shadows and get him to write something in the comments.


The Internet is a tool and a device of the normal world, referring to itself in a broad way. "Internetland" is the Internet more like a separate reality. Curiously enough it is the one we are both in right now. It has its own rules and nature, virtues and failings. Internetland is more like the Matrix, but with less verisimilitude and (slightly) less evil.

I'm just kidding

In some important ways I'm probably not exactly kidding.

I'm not kidding

In some important ways I'm just kidding (see above).

This should get you started, but consider this a live document. Bookmark it for reference. I will add to it as new terms are needed.

Well, I probably won't, but let's face it, you probably didn't bookmark it either.

I'm just kidding.

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