Monday, April 26, 2021

High quality library joke


Someone told me a joke at the library just now. Usually this event doesn't make it into clerkmanifesto because of our unreasonably high standards. But this joke was not only not racist nor sexist, but it actually concerned libraries.

I'm actually not sure this has ever happened in the 5,000 jokes I've been told by the public here working at a library for over a quarter of a century. I thought the best way to celebrate would be to share the joke with you.

Also, it was sorta funny.

A man comes into the library and goes up to the librarian's desk. "I would like to see your books on paranoia." He says.

The librarian leans in close and says softly "They're right behind you."


  1. Swell joke! Do you remember the one about the guy who comes into the library and orders a hamburger and fries?

    1. At first I was like, no, what's that, then it seemed familiar, so I thought and I thought, trying desperately to remember. Is it the whispering one?

      Man goes into library orders burger and fries, librarian says Sir, this is a library. Guy whispers: sorry, i'd like a burger and fries?

      I like the one with the chicken and the frog. Do you know that one?


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