Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Pictures of paintings


In my fanaticism for my now vast array of photo filters I have started playing with pictures of famous paintings from the storied past. I have collected 20 versions of Caravaggio's Deposition from the Cross. I have a similar amount of versions of a self portrait of Van Gogh. And about half that number of a rural scene with a tree by Van Gogh as well.

Don't worry.

I'm not going to show you all of them.

Or at least I'll try to wait until never to do so.

It often comes up here in my discussions with myself that each post I write that includes photographs is only as good as its best picture. Each one after it diminishes the whole of them.

That is maybe true, but especially hard to refute when I post 20 pictures of the exact same thing!

The problem is how do I determine the best photograph in a group. I have regularly included ten pictures, sure that one of them is far the best, only to have someone speak with absolute enthusiasm about a different photograph among them.

"What about this one?" I ask in response about my best one of the group. 

At which point the other person loses all interest.

I should have instead tried saying "Thank you."

One solution is, of course, to just show the one photograph. The one photograph is always the best in a collection of one photograph. I, profligate, can rarely bear such minimalism, but I will endeavor to give it a go today Wish me luck!

And with that, Caravaggio!

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