Saturday, May 1, 2021






Due to the County's hostile takeover of my library system we employees here have all been subject to a sharp spike in online bureaucratic training. I could make fun of this time consuming, Kafkaesque dash of spice in my worklife, but I'm more of a "make lemonade" sort of person. So as I poured over what good I could turn this county training to it suddenly dawned on me: 

None of my readers has ever been formally trained in reading clerkmanifesto. 

Every one of you could be doing it wrong, or dangerously, or in a way that might reflect poorly upon the local authorities.

 So I have decided to present 1000 lessons for safely and properly reading my blog.

These lessons will be rolling out steadily for the next few years. This is only for your enjoyment. 

And to prevent dangerous errors.

Also, it is mandatory.

But don't worry. You've already completed the preamble!

Sign here.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the lemonade link.
    Can you tell me: why do word games (Scrabble, Words with Friends) no allow "ade" as a word, but crossword puzzles do.
    Which reminds me, crossword puzzle clues are getting WEIRD lately. Not bad, usually, but really weird.


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