Monday, April 18, 2022

Is the mike on?


Oh, hi.

You're probably here for the blog post. Well, statistically speaking you're probably not here, but technically speaking you actually are here, which is probably the top argument for reality over statistics.

 Anyway, in case you didn't know, this is clerkmanifesto, where we post super entertaining content every single day for an amazingly uninterested Internet.

But let's not go into all that. 

We've been running this daily blogging content for so long I've stopped counting. I used to count it all the time. At one point my number of blog posts was the top topic on this blog. Now I don't have any idea about that number. That's how old this blog is!

My top topic on this blog at the moment is, I guess, the serialized memoir of my youthful through-hike on the Agua Fria Trail. The next chapter is probably Wednesday.

Originally this blog was mostly about working in a large, near urban, public library. Then, like an unreasonably large rock thrown in a pond, the subject rippled out from there. Clerkmanifesto has at this point probably 20 or so main subjects, but none of us would profit from me attempting to count them. After many years of adamantly opposing having pictures on my blog, with the advent of Covid-19, I got a camera and started featuring just gobs of photographs here. So at any point this blog might get stuffed full of photos.

This post is probably safe from any photos though, in case you were worried.

Once, briefly, I tried to switch this blog over to a website called lifeisafountain, but it was too cumbersome to work with, so I came back to this.

I still tell stories from my library here. In fact, that's what I came here today to do. I had a really good one about something awful one of my co-workers did yesterday. But when I sat down to write I couldn't remember the story. So I just started writing this. I guess the idea is to catch everyone up. Although statistically no one reading here had any need to get "caught up", and also technically no one needed to get caught up either. 

This is the top argument for reality and statistics being the same.

Oh, since we're catching people up,  I got a new t-shirt that says "Greendale Community College", after my favorite TV show. I'm wearing it today. Also, did you know that for a brief period during the early years of Clerkmanifesto I set aside one day a week for light chats like this one?

I did! 

I guess it's making a comeback.

Also, I remembered my library story. I'll tell it to you tomorrow.

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