Saturday, April 2, 2022

Random samples


In my effort to occasionally keep you appraised of my photographic shenanigans, and to occasionally poke holes in my long "Agua Fria" episodic story box, so it can breathe, I have fallen into the pattern of showing you pictures a couple of times a week. But as I set down to show you pictures today I don't actually know what I have in my pile. So let's just stick our hand in and see what we pull out, okay?


So, first we have a picture from the back room of my library, taken near the end of the giant MACHINE. It's probably the best picture I have for today, as I got the trickery right, so it has a lot of verisimilitude. 

I'm just crazy about verisimilitude, but didn't know until just now about that first "i" in it! Of course, there wasn't really a bat flying around in the back room, but it has happened, and one of my co-workers was once in the elevator with a bat!

Next we have some... girders. This is from the underside of a railroad bridge over the Mississippi and I suppose I fancy it because it feels like some kind of Life Magazine picture from the thirties or forties.

Here is a creek picture from the height of Spring runoff, run through one of my favorite photo filters. This creek is already barely a trickle again. The Spring runoff goes by fast!

I'm sorry. I can't really explain why I spent ages putting a cat calendar cat into a Van Gogh painting. But I thought I should keep you up to date.

I'm not sure I have any better explanation why I put a yawning Calvin here, but at least it doesn't leave me puzzled.

And finally these figures are from a book about Partisans in WWII, put into something from Versailles, maybe? Perhaps it all has something to do with Ukraine on my mind?

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