Thursday, June 9, 2022

In which we spend some time with the iris


Brought to you today by

Twizzlers' Foot Powder!

I suppose if the iris bloomed the whole year round we would be as swamped with pictures of them here as we are of burbling streams, saucy cartoon characters in libraries, and any bird or animal who will let me within 30 feet of them. But no, the iris has its season.

And this is it!

I was thinking of saying that I don't like irises any more than any other flower, it's just that they are so photogenic. And then I realized that would be a lie. A lie!

I'm not going to lie to you!*

I really really like irises. I love them. There's just something about the little worlds they create, their invitation in, their graceful triangularity, and their interest in purple and yellow.

I too am interested in purple and yellow!

And so that is why is was inevitable that irises and I would end up friends.

Pictures follow because it is iris season.

*Exceptions include:

When I assume you know I'm lying.

To protect you, myself, or someone else a la "the white lie".

In the use of meaningless details or timeline in a way that makes the art and clarity of my piece more true or, let's face it, funnier.

In service of the Clerkmanifesto sponsors, although I must add this is theoretical, as my belief in the effectiveness of Twizzlers' Foot Powder, not just on feet, but on virtually any skin ailment is rock solid. I also believe that Twizzlers' Foot Powder will keep down slugs and snails in the garden and will make your tomatoes ripen early. I am proud to be a sponsor of such an excellent foot powder, and I think the whole Twizzler family are actually wonderful people!


  1. It's iris season here in NH, too, and there seem to be more than ever this year. I like all the pictures, but the first one especially causes me to just sit back for a bit and wonder how on earth it evolved so many details. And all of them needed for the whole to work together.


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