Thursday, July 14, 2022

Three views of contemplation


At the risk of producing another "process" blog post, I'd like to show you three pictures of Charlie Brown.

It's the same Charlie Brown, all three times, as he sits on a little pillow or cushion, gazing out thoughtfully, in the exact same way, every single time.

A lot of times, when I'm making these pastiche pictures, I'll start with one of my stolen little figures, Charlie Brown in this case, and then I'll start pasting him into the most likely of the various environments I have. Sometimes I can't find anything that exciting. But sometimes everything seems to work. Knowing I'll only be able to show my figure in one of the pictures, hopefully the best one, I try to tear myself away to something new, instead of pasting him in over and over again to a bunch of, slightly redundant, unshowable pictures. Usually, even if I end up with three different pictures I like, I just have to choose the marginally most successful of them and move on.

But today I thought:

What if I show all three?


Today I am showing all three.

I like how each environment subtly changes the nature of his expression.

In an Edward Hopper painting:

Looking out at the Mississippi River:

And in the Mall of America:

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