Monday, May 29, 2023

New Yourk Times


This morning we drank coffee and read the entire Sunday New York Times. It took more than four hours. I can't say I didn't learn things. Here is a list:

1. The entire New York Times is now written by AI! Although it is possible that all AI is instead written by the New York Times.

2. Neo Liberalism is over! 

3. We're kind of fishing around for something just like Neo Liberalism, but maybe with a different name.

4. Vermeer was apparently a very talented artist, and the big, comprehensive exhibit of his is worth seeing if you can be taken on a private, after hours tour of it.

5. Prizes like the Pulitzer, Guggenheim, and Nobel are very nice, but they aren't everything. No one who wins any of them thinks they deserved it because everyone is very humble.

6. Martin Luther King Jr. was a complicated person who dressed well. Some people thought he was too progressive. Some thought he wasn't progressive enough. But don't worry, he wasn't a communist.

7. Ron DeSantis is not a good person, but don't worry, if it becomes necessary The New York Times won't do anything about it.

8. Rent in Vienna, Austria is quite reasonable.

9. Something about the T.V. show "Succession".

10. I wanted there to be ten things I learned from reading the entire Sunday New York Times.

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