Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Cats unfairly excluded from library again!


Well, it happened again! The anti-cat fanatics have struck my library once more. The fiends!

"Are you absolutely mad!" They cried. "You can't bring animals like that into the library!"

As if a few cute kitties are going to hurt any sensible person.

Some people just screamed and ran. As if these were dogs!

I was even reprimanded by the county for bringing unsafe animals into the library.

But before animal control came and took away all these adorable cats, I did get a few pictures of them sprawling on our warm floors and wandering peaceably through our stacks.

You tell me, do any of these sweet kitties look the least bit dangerous?


  1. Welll... I can appreciate how people might be made nervous by the presence of the EXTRA LARGE cats. But They should take a lesson from the little ones and realize that both can live together peaceably. I do think that there was one picture in whic h the little cat was very close to the big cat's tail pom-pom; that's just looking for trouble.

    On another topic, I can't figure out where the "service desk" is located. Is it related to the county services that you kvetched about a long time ago?

    1. We'll just hope everyone is too sleepy to do anything about it...

      As for what I think you mean as the "Service Center", yes, that is a device of meaningless county bureaucracy and occupies the place you will remember as the coffee shop.


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