Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Library cat radicalism


I know that many readers out there primarily check in with clerkmanifesto because of our support of, and repeated interest in cats.

We like cats.

And though it is a crime in America to harbor, pet, befriend, or associate with cats, we boldly stand in defiance of these pernicious, dog loving laws!

Several months ago I produced some library supporting images of cats in libraries. These charming pictures of cats, mostly sprawling comfortably on our library floors, were deemed too alarming for the public. Innocent pictures of friendly kitties were repressed and censored under the guise of being too much for the community to take.

"Too much" they had the audacity to claim.

My god, cat haters I tell you!

Anyway, after a few months of bureaucratic wrangling I have seized back the rights to these innocent pictures of wee cats in the library, and I can now show them here, at least, in this rare safe place for cats!

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