Thursday, January 4, 2024

Abandoned cat shrine of the Mississippi

I have spent the morning working on my new cat shrine picture. 

At some moments of its progress I was positively delighted. But sometimes I was haunted by the specter of my oscillating feelings. After my recent "Year in Review" posts, I have become acutely aware of how there are things that I thought to be brilliant just after I made them that now seem almost embarrassing to me in retrospect. As I colored in shame I would look at these artistic failures that I exposed to the world and think: "Actually, these are pretty good."

 My feelings for my own creations are like the most ephemeral of kites, radically altered on even the slightest shift of wind.

But then I realized:

It isn't important what I think of my work. 

It only matters what you think!

At least, I'm pretty sure that's what the psychology texts advise.

So I have prepared a questionnaire for you!

Have fun filling it out. And don't worry, your data will be kept private because we collect no information.

I mean, no information, not even your responses to the questionnaire, as we feel it will interfere with our conclusions.

Thank you for helping us to improve the quality of clerkmanifesto which is immutable and cannot be enhanced or lessened.

First, then, here is our latest

Cat Shrine of the Mississippi, 

(Vol. 12)

Please choose one response only to each of the following:

1. How did you like this picture?

a. It's fine.

b. It's hard to choose just one response as both choices so express my feelings.

2. What would make you enjoy this picture more?

a. I would like it if cats were somehow involved in the picture.

b. It's fine.

c. I don't mind if you collect data on me as I am answering this questionnaire through a vpn, specifically the Clerkmanifesto vpn, which allows me to answer questions on obscure websites without being tracked. Get 20 percent off now by using the code clerkmanifesto20.

d. Was there an "It's fine." option? If so, that one.

3. How likely are you to recommend clerkmanifesto's cat shrine pictures to a friend?

a. This question makes me kind of uncomfortable.

b. My friends and I don't really talk about cat shrine stuff.

c. It depends, are you my friend? Or is this just one of those parasocial relationships?

4. On a scale of one to ten, what would you rate this picture?

a. Is the one a high score or low score?

b. Can I rate the questionnaire instead?

c. Wait, we can rate the questionnaire? I would like to retract my choice "a" and reevaluate at this time.

d. I'm confused. None of these choices offer a number to choose.

Thank you so much for taking part in our questionnaire! 

Your framed certificate of completion with bonus Leroy Nieman art print will arrive in the mail in four to six weeks.


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