Monday, June 24, 2013

Out past where the Dewey Decimal System Ends and a prize!

In the retrofitted book I told you about the retrofitted books I am working on to send out to the little free libraries of my city to do whatever mysterious or mundane things they might want to do. These books are sort of book versions of my blog here. I said also that I would soon post some pictures of some of what I have so far, and so that is what I am doing today! There's also a prize so scroll to the end even if you despise pictures and don't think they are worth very many words at all, but like prizes.

These are a variety of shots of covers, backs, etc.

I am offering one of these here books (from this series) as my second official blog prize!

The clue is:

Thursday's (real) daughter.

To win you need only be the first person to enter the correct one word answer in the comments of the next post I put up that has the name "Jasper" in it. This will happen in the next week some time.

Good luck if you want it.

1 comment:

  1. Kewl! Me want!
    Who cares about a bunch of words, this blog needs more images. Libraries also house lots of images, believe it or not! Words are dumb.


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