Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blog Post Deleted Due to Popularity!

We apologize, but we regret to inform you that the blog post previously posted here has been withdrawn.

This Blog Post Removed

by order of the author:

Details follow:

On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, at 7:30 in the morning the author
removed this blog post siting an unprecedented burst of popularity, aka a viral episode taking place on his blog, which caused a massive onslaught of new visitors in the early dawn. The blog author
stated that he feared that the massive onrush of random internet users might damage the delicate, decorative stonework he recently installed in the foyer of his blog. He was also concerned that he would be irresistibly seduced by the wild explosion of visitors, causing him to get a swelled head and start slapping hideous mortgage ads all over the website so that he could make $32 a month from it. $32 is not nothing, you know! 

The blog author
was also alarmed at how most of the surge of viral blog visitors did not leave their smart phones in the basket at the front door, ignored the cat, asked where all the funny pictures were, and got into shoving fights with each other. The blog author
decided to, in an unprecedented move, remove the blog post and all traces of it from the internet to protect the quiet, contemplative and pure feeling of his blog. 

The blog author's personal statement follows:

Last night at midnight I woke up with what I felt to be a really nice idea for a blog post, and it was all sort of laid out in my head just right. I didn't want to forget it so I bestirred myself, came down to my computer, and typed it up. It wasn't a super long blog post, but I thought it was funny, sardonic, and to the point, and I was quite satisfied with it. I went back to sleep. But then instead of sleeping I tossed and turned and felt something was wrong. Was my post too neat, too slick? Had I remembered to digress, to challenge, to wander off? I worried, and even though it wasn't quite light out yet and I was under slept I threw off my covers and returned to my computer. The blog post looked okay and I still liked it, but then I noticed that it had 7,394 comments on it. In the past two hours my blog post had been viewed 1,321,412 times! Did I panic? Maybe. And to my regular readers I regret that you are now not able to see today's blog post. I think you would have liked it. Still, I had to make the sacrifice. I was too afraid that, though you would have liked it, it might have been the last blog post you would have really liked. I was afraid of being changed. I deleted the post and comments. With some help I was able to quash thousands of links and, hopefully, eliminate all copies of my post. I think I caught it in time and feel the short memory of the internet will work to my advantage here. 
Yes it was a good and clever post, but no better really than some of the others I've done here. It is no big loss I think, and I do believe I have done the right thing in the long run for this blog. I do thank you, and anyone of good heart who has stumbled their way to this post deletion, for your forbearance and understanding.



  1. Love it! I have to admit, I was attracted to word deleted. Lol. Withdrawn....always sad when a book gets that stamp.

    1. I am sorry it has taken me two and a half years to respond to your comment. For a long time I have been very reliable in comment responding, but the early years of clerkmanifesto have some missing spots, like here. So sometimes I find myself cruising the back catalog of my blog for various reasons, some of them practical, some just for fun, and I find an old, unresponded to comment like yours and I think "Surely this will be the last one I ever find!" And maybe this will be.

      So, um, here is my response then:

      Thank you for your comment. I'm delighted that two and a half years ago you loved this post. I never thought of "Withdrawn" like that, but I suppose it is a bit sad to stamp withdrawn on a book. For me it's going to depend on the book.... we could use the stamp "We never thought this book was any good and now finally the public agrees with us."

  2. Case in point, I was excited enough to omit 'the'!!! Proof enough. :-)

    1. Are you saying your "the" was withdrawn, or was it deleted?


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