Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Short Post Week, #5. Cherries!

When I get nervous about something, or not quite sure what to say or how to say it, I sometimes talk around it. I'll just sort of circle the thing with words, looking for the perfect way in. But sometimes nothing is quite perfect enough and so I keep circling and circling. This might make you think I am nervous to address the cherries, but actually I am not. It's not the cherries. It's something about these carefree short posts I am supposed to do for short post week. The mistake I might have made could have been to create a juxtaposition between this productive effort to clear out all my backlogged blog post ideas (we're on the fourth day of this and have now cleared out zero backlogged blog post ideas. I actually have added a couple) and some idea of it all as a breezy lark. These two things do not go well together! So to hell with the backlogged post ideas. They can come as they like. This is summer. Time to enjoy the blog in the sunshine! I know I've gotten a lot of you to go down to look at the glistening carp in the Blog Japanese Garden, but did you know that if you follow that little stream up about 400 yards you will come to a pond surrounded by very large oak trees. Two swans, left over from the Yeats poem I had in my blog, will be swimming in that pond. If you look to your right as you get to the pond there is an almost hidden canoe. You are free to take it out on the pond. It may all look dark because of the heavy oaks, but if you paddle to the middle of the pond and lay on your back, well, that's summer.

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  1. The canoe was fun except my arms got really tired. But thank goodness there was a blanket in the bottom of the canoe and I took a nap which was great. The swans came by and the boat was rocking and it was just perfect.


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