Monday, July 22, 2013

Short post week, cherries for sure!

Still short post week here, but I've learned my lessons, and if you want to have short posts on your blog you have to get right down to it. No recapping, no explaining what short post week is, no wandering about in the blog foyer getting hypnotized by the new stonework (okay, but look at this, the stone I put in actually has Precambrian fossils in it! Doesn't this look like a fern to you? Is it a fern or an animal do you think? Actually it kind of looks like a very stylized quill pen). I think what you have to do is decide the thing you're going to blog about ahead of time and then just launch into it, like, this is just what I'm saying. I mean, like, I know this post is the one about Cherries and so I start right there. Or, I would have. And if I don't sort of wander off or go into too much detail the post's shortness will sort of speak for itself. Plus there's the title of the post. It says "short post week" in the title, and if people aren't caught up on my blog they can just go, like, "Hey, what's this short post week thing?" and then they'll either just go, like "Hey, short post week, well, this post is pretty short." which will explain it enough for them, or, if not, they'll scroll back down to see maybe where I've introduced the idea, and then read that, and then be all ready to go forward.

So I think I've got it now, and while there is no time for the cherries here, now, I think I have set it up well for tomorrow. The problem was needing to work out this foundation. I think we're set now.

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  1. Really? You have a fossil of that Pre-Cambrian ostrich quill looking critter? How cool is that?! Don't you think collecting fossils is bourgeois? I think it is, but it can also be pathetically humorous in a mortal kind of way. "Having" rocks in general is so silly though perhaps their immediate presence allows for contemplation. Fossils though, the imprinted shadows of life, can register through the mind a bit like art.


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