Sunday, July 21, 2013

Short Post Week! Cherries!

Hi again. Today! I already wrote once and I am writing, again. This is so weird. Do you feel weird? It's like the keyboard is all bouncy. And it's so sunny out! Maybe you come walking through my blog all the time in the afternoon, but I'm usually only here late at night or in the early dawn. This is a nice place in the afternoon. I'm really glad I put in all the fancy stonework in the blog foyer. It shows up even nicer in the afternoon. And I've been wondering about that bench I put in here. I mean, I love the way it looks (it was inspired by Gaudi's Park Guell!), but today is the first time I've ever seen anyone sitting there (no, no, don't get up. You're fine there. Do you want me to get you a cold press?). So I kind of wonder what the great hall looks like with the Stained glass. I'll be right back.

Well, that looks nice, but I actually like it better in the morning. I also want to go out to the Blog's Japanese Garden and see what's blooming. Wow! The carp look like they're on fire! Did you see this? I'm surprised no one ever mentioned this in the comments section below. I guess maybe it is a little off topic, but, not to be all self promoting, if you don't come to my blog in the afternoon normally, really, if you can, on a sunny day come out to the Japanese Garden. Go to the pond. You have got to see these fish.

So, this post was supposed to be about cherries, but I'm out of time again. Well, I'm getting used to that. We'll get it next time!


  1. I don't like the white carp. Kind of blah. But the baby is really cute.

  2. Yes, please, to the cold press offer. How kind. Dip you have decaf by any chance?


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