Monday, July 22, 2013

Short post week, we try for cherries again!

In case you were gone over the weekend we had quite a bit of action here at clerkmanifesto. It was exciting. I bet in the future you're gonna think twice about missing weekends at my blog. If only there were some way for you to read the things I post on the weekend when it's not the weekend! But even if you could, it might not be the same, er, or, it might not be exactly the same in every tiny detail. Anyway, on the weekend, we started something I'm calling "short post week", where we're (er, me, um, I'm) posting shorter more frequent posts to clear out the backlog of post ideas I have, and to just generally mix things up in a summer vacation sort of way. So far, in a lot of ways, it's going really well. I find it fun not to have to come up with grand themes and this seems like a great way to get some of my little ideas out there. Also I'm getting to visit my blog and see how things look during different times of day than I'm used to. But don't worry, I won't go on anymore about seeing the carp in the Blog Japanese Garden in the afternoon, no matter how great it is. I don't want to bore you and, perhaps even more importantly, it's just the sort of thing that makes the short posts less, well, short. Which brings us to the down side here, I'm not quite getting the brevity thing so well yet. I haven't gotten a single one of my short, backlogged ideas out here yet. In fact, by the time I do the recap of what's going on here, wander about quietly looking around, and complete my introduction, I find, if I'm going to keep with my own rules, I am completely out of time.

Like now.

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