Saturday, July 6, 2013


Today someone brought into the break room several small paper plates with some slightly smashed looking fruit bar cookies. At least I think they're cookies. They did not come with any labeling. But the thing about these "cookies" that has blown the mind of everyone here who's seen them is that, of the three square break room tables, they are on the wrong one! The first table on the right, when you come in the door, is, by long consent, the free food table. These mysterious plates are on a left, back table by the windows. The entire staff is befuddled. What is this food? Is it just here on its way somewhere else? Is it for sale? What do we do with it? No one has touched these for hours. I saw two librarians exclaim confusedly about the plates as they sat down to lunch among them. They didn't disturb them at all. I think they decided to pretend they don't exist, like everyone else. I've been sharing in all the confusion, just so you don't think I'm being all superior, but, while writing this, and, frankly considering this to be an issue that could never be resolved, I had a little brainstorm. It seems so simple now that I've though of it. I am going to the break room and moving the plates of cookies to the free food table.

They should be completely eaten within an hour.


  1. Did the plate relocation work?

    1. Yes, though it took rather longer than an hour. They were pretty squashed looking.


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