Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday blogging

Judging from my collection of different, confusing tracking methods, Sunday is a particularly slow day for blog traffic around here. That's why if you're here today, the day this is posted, you probably wont see a lot other blog viewers walking through the hallways saying things like "I think I see what he's getting at here." or "Hmm, I think I might have read this one already." or the usual things people say when they wander about here. Anyway, I thought because it's kind of quiet here on Sundays we could be a bit more casual and unfocused, maybe do some housecleaning, that sort of thing. Don't worry, you can still look around all you want, it's not like I'll turn on the noisy turbo floor waxers or anything, just, I might update some of the woefully neglected sidebars over to the right, or tell you about new things I've done there. I might announce grand new plans for prizes, or for essential readership dampening, or exotic new features. I think Sunday might be a good day for that kind of thing especially, since if all these plans come to naught, or I quietly drop them, it might not be so noticeable. Don't worry though, I will announce the cancellation of grand new plans on Sundays too, making Sundays a bit more of a roller coaster ride, volatile, thrilling. Well, no, probably not thrilling. Why did I say thrilling? I think I just wanted a little reward for people reading the blog on their free time. My inclination is to take the weekday readership spikes as generally indicative of the succulent tang the internet can take on when read at work, a tang that just isn't quite the same when measured against free time. Blog reading against a backdrop of "I could be alphabetizing" vs. blog reading against a backdrop of "I could be watching that tree grow" are just... different. I myself am at this moment blogging against a backdrop of "I could and probably should be sleeping."  Which is giving me an ever so slight feeling of harrowing desperation. These things matter and it would be nice to reward greater sacrifice.

Of course, you could just work Sundays. I sometimes do.

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