Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blog temple

I suppose that one day this blog will achieve its dream of humility. When that happens I will stop my small, strange forays to solicit readers. I will cease to hunger for small fame here.  And so then I will cease to discuss it all as one of my themes. I believe this will come in time. These words you are reading are a small few of all the footprints that take us in that direction.

My troubled pursuit of glory comes from a repeated misunderstanding of my blog and myself. I sometimes think this is a place of discussion and tumult. I think it is a finger on the pulse of our culture. I think it's an argument for something, a way to be heard. I believe I am holding court, and that this is my fiefdom. I believe I am Don Quixote on a fool's attempt to remake the world. I am fixing libraries, fixing Bob Dylan, fixing the Internet, fixing politics, fixing art and mostly, fixing us all.

It is not any of this.

This blog is a temple to all our mad gods. I love our mad gods. And I can scream at the top of my lungs about how this is a temple unlike any of all those famous, absurd, Religion's temples, but in the end it is just a temple. I have no greater powers than that. And a temple is a temple whether anyone sits in it, or not.

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