Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ten reasons not to read this list of ten reasons not to read this list

1. The title sounds way too good to be for real and so is probably just more clickbait.

2. The whole thing looks like a bunch of convoluted negative circular repetitive negative convolutions!

3. Lists are for all the things you need to do, and there is nothing to do here. NOTHING!

4. Lists of ten are highly suspicious because it is too neat a number. Whoever wrote this list probably added two not very good reasons to this list, or maybe even edited an essential element out of this list just to get it to the standard, popular "ten" number.

5. No one in their right mind would make a list like this. If you're seeing it, you are probably hallucinating it as a result of spending too much time on the Internet. Get some fresh air and this list will probably disappear.

6. Internet lists always seem like fun reading, but ultimately leave you feeling empty and lonely and unappeasably hungry for more Internet lists.

7. The bitter taste one experiences when they realize they have been manipulated by reverse psychology lingers long in the mouth.

8. Without kittens, celebrities, self-help suggestions, pictures, recipes, or things to buy, this cannot be a for real Internet list, only a fake Internet list full of fake reasons!

9. Being of such an extremely contrary nature that you would read a list of reasons not to read this list will lead you to dark places in your life.

10. Reading this list that you shouldn't read will cause you to pass the secret test. You do not want to pass the secret test!


  1. It's all true. I've fallen for the clickbait (what a kewl term. It is new for me. "clickbait" ^_^ ). I don't care if i've been boondoggled into some dark place in my life. What kind of prize do I get for passing the secret test?

    1. It is a very good prize, but it is a secret prize, and neither you nor I will ever fully know its nature.


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