Friday, March 2, 2018

Wine Reviews: Smoking Loon

Over at my house we are quaffing a whole lot of Smoking Loon Shiraz. It has lately become our go to wine of choice. Right now we have eight bottles of the stuff lined up waiting to be, whoops, make that seven bottles lined up waiting to be drunk. Bottle eight is not waiting, rather it is in the process of being drunk.

So naturally with all this Smoking Loon around you are wondering what is its Clerkmanifesto Wine Rating Score (CWRS). But first let's review our previous Clerkmanifesto Wine Rating Scores (CWRS):


Uh, it appearls I've never, uh, actually rated a wine here before. Which brings up the question: How did you know about CWRS if I've never even done it before?

Well, never mind. I bet you'd like to know the score. Smoking Loon Shiraz scores...


Plus it only costs like $6.79 a bottle.

Everyone is going to want this wine after this huge score. Smoking Loon should pay me!

Except I wouldn't take their money. They can just give us wine instead.

Which I would rate!

And it would score...


Plus it only costs like $6.79 a bottle.

Am I getting dizzy or have I started going in circles?

I think I should sit down.

Oh, I am?



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