Sunday, September 30, 2018

Afternoon in America

Today I am in America. The TV in the room is about six feet across and we are having an oil change for our leased Honda, along with a variety of inspections I don't understand so that it can cost more money. It is hard to write this post because there is a very distracting show on that TV about a couple who are trying to choose between buying three houses.

TV sucks.

After watching the show for 20 minutes we're now onto a new couple moving to Colchester England and choosing between three houses there.

TV sucks. TV has always sucked. But I am getting this weird, faintly disturbing feeling that it is a lot more entertaining than the Internet.

Don't you wish you were there now?


  1. To me the great difference is that the Internet is portable. It is everyone, everywhere, all the time. At least in the TV days you had to be in a house to watch, and if you weren't, well, you had to do something, like read or play darts or hike or listen for the ice cream truck.

    On another note, how are the kids' injuries healing up? Have you seen them since the last blog? Please let them know I'm thinking of them and would like an update.

    1. Firstly, one kid I will likely never see again. The other might be in tonight! Although since none of his wounds were the least bit visible it would be hard for me to update progress on their healing.

      Yes, sure, the Internet is portable. And, maybe more importantly you can use it while at work! But weren't they starting to make super portable wristwatch TVs back in the 80s?


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