Friday, September 14, 2018

Amateur golf

I have been watching a lot of amateur golf lately. No, not professional golf, just... people... playing golf.

They all take it very seriously. None of them are very good. I have probably seen 50 different golfers and I am still waiting to see someone sink a putt that is more than six feet from the hole.

But I guess that's just it, people aren't very good at stuff. Stuff is hard.

Because I am rather in a hurry and have to finish my blog post I was tempted to conclude this missive with:

What does it matter though. Hit it again. Eventually the thing will get to the hole.

But really what I think is:

Just hit it a little harder for god's sake!

No, no, not that hard!


  1. As the minor league over-52 and living in the small town of Meiners Oaks mini-golf runner-up to the champion golfer myself, I appreciate your opining on the subtleties and, frankly, philosophical convergence of the stroke and the wilderness of time and space.

    Next time you watch those people play golf, please do put up a small obstacle, say a hump or three cinder blocks. I believe it's worth the risk of arrest or violence. Probably you will make friends for life. They will undoubtably ask about your blog as well.

    1. I'll see if I can find some cinderblocks. Would it be all right if I yelled "fore!" randomly from a distance in the meantime?

      Were you really in an over-52 mini golf tournament? That's where the real golf action is!

    2. Yes. It was on ESPN Mini Golf channel!


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