Saturday, December 22, 2018

Chips and ice cream

One would think that after seven straight hours of eating nothing but chips and ice cream I wouldn't be feeling so well. But I feel fine, for the most part. Though there are some surprising complications.

Today was the Holiday Potluck at my library. I usually struggle a little with the holiday potluck. I tend to be a bit squeamish about other people's food. And to be honest there is not a high "foodie" standard around here. I can handle some of the straight up flour sugar butter chocolate kind of stuff. But the feedlot pork in a crock pot sort of disturbs me. As do the bright blue chain grocery store cookies whose popularity astonishes me. But I've slowly learned, or am learning, over the course of 24 or so annual potlucks, to occasionally keep my horrified opinions to myself. I've learned to focus on the few things I like and don't find terrifying. I've learned to bring in the kind of junk food I love but scrupulously avoid on a day to day basis so that I'm not sick all the time.

So I brought to this potluck six bags of my favorite chips from the co-op. My favorites of what I brought are the Bacon Habanero tortilla chips, which taste exactly like the very rare and elusive bbq corn chips of my youth, but I also scored really well with the red wine potato chips which I've never had before and are tart/sweet and taste a little like raspberries. I was really excited about this potluck just for getting to eat those six bags of chips all day. But also one of my co-workers, before the potluck, said "What should I bring?" and I suggested that they bring in multiple pints of Ben and Jerry's, which was one of my alternate choices to the chips. The co-worker liked the idea!

So in addition to six bags of chips to choose from I had several pints of Ben and Jerry's to choose from too. It's been a long time since I've had Phish Food. I sure do like Phish Food.

So I was pretty excited about this potluck. I counted down the days to it. And now, having had about 245 handfuls of chips, and five or six servings of ice cream, I have to admit it's over.

Like I said, to my surprise, I feel fine, physically.

But I also feel sad that it's all over. And now it all seems so strange that I merely have to come to work tomorrow again, with nothing to look forward to.

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