Friday, December 14, 2018

Telling jokes

Someone told me a joke at work today.

I know what you're thinking: "Oh my god! A joke! Please tell us it quick!"

In due time. 

It was a cute and charming joke. You're going to love it. But first we have to talk a little bit about telling and hearing jokes.

It is hard when someone tells you a joke, because they will tell you a funny joke first. And if you like it you might say "I should remember this joke because it is funny and I can tell it to other people and they will laugh just like I laughed." But if you laugh at someone's joke they will usually tell you another joke because they are excited about all their joke telling success. This second joke will usually be mildly amusing, though not as funny as the first, and you may say to yourself "Maybe I should remember this one too as a kind of backup. But now, while you are trying to remember the first and second joke, the joke teller will be on a roll and they will tell you a third joke. This one will be like the first two, but not as good, and there might be something wrong with it, like it will have Hitler in it, or blondes. And you will think "I could remember this, but I should probably just stick with the first and second jokes. Only, I don't remember them anymore."

Instead you will remember a different joke, that you once heard, which you will now tell the person who told you three jokes. And you will only remember that your joke wasn't as good as the first joke they told you when you're halfway into telling the joke, but it's not like you can stop in the middle and say "Never mind. I just remembered that this frog joke isn't all that funny." So you finish it as best you can.

And then you and the original joke teller part ways, and you have no idea anymore what that cute joke they told was.

But I remember. It was this:

Why don't anteaters get sick?

(scroll way down)

Because they're full of little anti-bodies.

Don't worry, I won't tell you any more jokes. I don't want to mess up a good thing.

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