Thursday, February 28, 2019

Elevator surprise

We live on the top floor of a building with an elevator. Sometimes I use the stairs, sometimes I take the fancy way, especially if I'm heading out for my solitary morning walk commute in the bitter conditions of this Winter. It gives me extra time to finish putting on my vast array of outerwear. Even though my building has dozens of units in it it's rare to run into anyone on the elevator and it's easy to take it for granted that one will have it to oneself.

So when today, on the first floor, the elevator opened up to suddenly reveal a woman with her rambunctious dog I was startled. I was so startled I sort of yelped.

"Sorry." she said, tugging her dog into the elevator with her as we passed.

"You just never expect anyone in the elevator." I said to explain. 

It's the fifth time I've said so this week.

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