Friday, November 1, 2019

Florence generic rooftop bar review

By the time you read this my wife and I will be in Florence.  I am reading a lot of reviews in preparation for this trip. I find these compelling, occasionally useful, contradictory, truly pointless, and addictive. Along with the travel vlogs I watch I feel I have a sense for the collective tone and quality of these reviews as a kind of ur-review, the ultimate review that sums up each category of establishment. Today we will continue with the generic rooftop bar review.

Generic Florence Rooftop Bar Review

5 Stars

The view of the duomo in Florence is extraordinary, and where better to gaze upon it than from this amazing rooftop bar with a bottle of wine. It was an incredibly beautiful and romantic evening. Our bottle of wine was very reasonable at 180 euros, considering, and it came with a free bowl of marcona almonds. We ate them all but became too shy to ask for any more! The piano player focused primarily on the work of the Carpenters, Morris Albert, and Henry Mancini which made me cry. I didn't know how to tip him, but there's a lady who hangs out by the piano wearing purple and with flowers appliqued on her bag and she showed me how. Apparently you have to give money to the waiter first, then you can give money to the piano player at which point he'll sadly accept it.

I will never forget that magical evening.

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