Monday, April 20, 2020

Just a little chat about blog posts


I got exhausted from writing so many good blog posts lately. So I thought I'd come here and try something a little different with my blog post.

"You know," You're probably now reflecting, "The blog posts recently have been unusually good, haven't they?"

Yes. Yes they have.

A few people in the past week have told me things like "I really liked your blog post today." and "I really liked your blog post today." Which are very similar statements, but from two separate incidents. 

But both of them were super nice because one enjoys being appreciated, but very few as much as me.

Also, I could believe them because I don't hang out with liars.

Which not only works out great for me, but also means you can really believe that I have been writing some really good blog posts lately.

So go ahead and believe it.

I'll wait here.

You can go back and check my recent blog posts if you want confirmation.

Did you know I don't usually like to call them "blog posts" so much?

It's true. I prefer the term "essays" or even "pieces" because "blog posts" doesn't get a lot of respect as an artistic form. 

But some days a person just has to let someone else fight that fight.

This is that kind of day.


  1. Essays, photo essays (recently), blog posts, pieces... It's not one size fits all. And usually I like them. Sorry, not always. But mostly.

    Are you still doling out books to white patrons? A few of the libraries I read about are doing something similar. The ones I prefer, however, are the ones that emphasize what is still available, like ebooks and such. And the ones where the message includes some form of "We miss our patrons." And the ones where library staff or guests are maintaining story time for kids. There are some fantastic story-readers out there!

  2. I'll take "usually I like them" I guess...

    That's pretty good, don't you think?

    Yes, lots of books to white people! While I've always known my library (and most libraries) are hobbled by institutionalism, hierarchy of a chilling kind, and the usual American thrall to marketing, this crisis has really brought it out in sharp relief. So we are extremely busy producing very little of value and it's been a long time since I've enjoyed my job so little.

    I'm this close to falling into a long rant, but we'll leave it at that and hope for better times or clever upcoming blog posts to express my feelings, whichever comes first.


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