Thursday, April 23, 2020


Did you know that what I have called Crocuses are really Snow Glories?

I was informed so here in my comments.

So I went back and changed all of history.

Let us then pretend it was always Snow Glories.

Snow Glories, Snow Glories, Snow Glories. Glory-of-the-Snow.

The sun came out today. And finally, in the slow roll out of our spring here, the Snow Glories, having a banner year, were joined by a few other flowers. Each day I think I am done with the Snow Glories. I have told you enough about them. And every day I see them and I think:

I would not like you to experience withdrawal!

Or me either.

So what if I could ease you off with just one more Snow Glory:

Okay, two more (maybe three?) Snow Glories:

We will never forget you Snow Glories! Not least now that we know your name.


I feel better. A little.

Do you feel better?

Are you ready?

I can try.

Then, to the future!

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