Thursday, April 9, 2020

My library's pandemic in a nutshell

Who's bitter?

I'm not bitter.

I have a great project for a closed library during a coronavirus pandemic!

Take as many carts as needed (there should currently be plenty of empty carts) over to your Fiction section. Remove all the books whose authors' names begin with the letter "B" and place them onto the carts. This should be fairly simple as all the "B's" will be grouped together as it is. 

Once all the "B's" are on carts reshelve those books in order between the "A's" and the "C's". 

If this goes well you can do it with other letters as well!

"Wait." You ask. "What on earth is the point of doing this?"

Oh, come on, work with me!

Now isn't the time for a lot of difficult questions and nitpicking. We're in a pandemic!


  1. So, this is how "they" are making you spend your time? I'm all in favor of books being in order, and at least I suppose it means you have a job, and thus a paycheck. But I'd start with non-fiction, which in my experience is generally a larger mess than fiction. And what is the point (I know, I know) of putting all the books on carts? That's weird. Though now that I think of it, I would do that if I was shelf reading and got to a bottom shelf. Then I might put that one section on a cart, get the order correct, and return them to the bottom shelf. Saved my ancient knees.

    Though I bet if you tried to do that, you'd be told not to.

    I hope you and your wife are staying well. Do take care of yourselves.

    1. No, this is more metaphorical as a response to a whole range responses that eschews consideration, reconsideration, and non managerial input. Their was a momentary flirtation with shelf reading that died as soon as curbside pick up was instituted because curbside pick up can be extremely labor intensive and is fairly chaotic. I mean, yes, I am happy to have a job, but I do rather like to compare things to a better world since there's a lot of room up there.

      We're doing pretty good thank you. I do hope things are well enough with you. What a time for such a life change! You take care too.


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