Friday, January 22, 2021

Read this blog, get a thousand dollars!


Read this blog, get a thousand dollars. It's as simple as that. One thousand dollars to do with whatever you like.

It's not easy out here on the Internet, and there are so many entertainment venues of such magnificent quality, like, um, Amazon, and Uber, and, er, Google maps, that sometimes it is hard to attract new readers. But we are so confident in the quality of this website, so sure that a single exposure to the content we have on offer will make any prospective viewer into a lifelong devotee of clerkmanifesto, that we are offering a thousand dollars, in cash, to any new viewer.

"Wait," You wonder "What if I've already read your very famous and intriguing blogpost Read This Blog, Get a Thousand Dollars! Am I disqualified from this amazing offer?"


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