Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Linking yesterday and tomorrow




Yesterday I promised you a long rumination on the foibles of the common wisdom "You make your own luck." I started with the thesis: If you're making your own luck it's not luck.

Then I realized I'd said everything that needed to be said, and in record time. 

But then today I remembered I write a blog and now have composed extremely close to 3,000 blog posts. If any fact could be said to demonstrate a belief in me that there is no such thing as saying everything that needed to be said, that is it. 

I just occasionally pretend that I have said everything that needed to be said so that I can

A. Finish up my blog post for the day.

B. Start my next blog post for the next day.

C. Desperately try and stop your attention from wandering away.

D. All of the above.

No. It's not a quiz. It's a lack of commitment to an answer.


Yes, you're right. "D" is the correct answer. Wow, you're good.

So then, would you like me to ruminate further on how you can't make your own luck?




I thought you were going to say yes.

Although on the bright side that means we're all finished up here for the day! I'll get started on tomorrow's blog post right away! You'll love it. It's about "scones".

No, not scones, "scones".


You'll see.





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