Sunday, February 28, 2021

Tips for thirsty people


Hey guys! Today we're going to be talking about a cool tip I have for what to do when you get thirsty. I think you'll find this super helpful!

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So sometimes I get super thirsty, like parched. My lips get all dry and cracked and sometimes I can even get a headache it's so bad! But I figured out this great trick that isn't too hard to follow, and I guarantee if you try it it can really help you out too when you're thirsty!

When you get super thirsty look for a kitchen. Most houses have these. And in the center of the counter area of the kitchen you'll find a sink. In a pinch you can also head to a bathroom, which pretty much any building will have. These places also have sinks. Either way, these sinks are like basins with a faucet. You might be familiar with them from washing your hands under the water there. But the great thing is that you can also drink the water from these faucets! Some of these faucets have a handle for turning on hot water and a handle for turning on cold water. I always use the cold one for drinking, and I have to say this trick seems to work better when you use the cold one, but if you prefer the hot water go for it. It will probably still help you get less thirsty, but I can't guarantee it.

Sometimes it can be hard to get the water from the faucet to your mouth because it's kind of going straight down. I use a glass if I can. You can usually find these glasses in kitchens, but not so often in bathrooms. You can put the water in the glass and it's super easy to drink the water that way. If you don't have a glass or anything you can lean over and slurp the running water. It's awkward, but it can be better than nothing. But no matter how I do it, I find this method super helps when I'm thirsty! It can even make a headache go away, lol!

When you're done drinking turn off the faucet because it turns out people really like turning on faucets for themselves and it's not cool to just leave them on. Also, even though this method is super helpful for when you're thirsty, it does sometimes make you have to pee more. But trust me, that's totally worth it, even if you're not that into peeing!

Anyway guys, hope this helped you for when you're thirsty. It helps me a lot and I stand behind it 100 percent. 

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See you soon with more great tips!

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