Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Whatever happened to?


Welcome to my new continuing series here called "Whatever Happened To?" In "Whatever Happened To?" we take a look at those things that were once a big deal, or a regular part of our lives, but have now drifted away to be hardly thought of. We explore why they're gone, where they went, and how we replaced them.

Today, on "Whatever Happened To?" we are taking a look at:

Whatever Happened to Summer?

When I was a kid we had Summer every year. Summer usually centered on the months of June, July, and August. But it hasn't been June in almost ten months! It was cold all Winter. After what seems like ages it is Spring! Do we no longer have Summer? Why is it still so cold and rainy today? Are we stuck? Are we heading towards Winter? How does Fall fit into it? I'm pretty sure we've already had one of those in the same period of time that we had zero Summers.

I called the Weather Bureau.

"Hello." I said. "Whatever happened to Summer?" I asked angrily.

"It begins on June 21st." They replied.

So there's your answer.

Next time on "Whatever Happened To?" we find out whatever happened to Star Wars, those three funny, popular space movies back in the 70's. Don't miss it.

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