Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Elon Musk Buys Twister!


I haven't played Twister very often over the past 30 years what with my back problems and everything. Nevertheless I like to keep my eye on what's going on in the World just in case God pips by for a bit a advice. And during that time of... waiting, I couldn't help but notice Twister has been much in the news, rising from a simple party game centered on acrobatics, yoga, and colored dots, to a pastime of Presidents that's played obsessively by limber celebrities while the world watches.

In fact I have seen Twister become such an enormous worldwide phenomenon that it featured prominently in 2018's Princess Switch, starring Vanessa Hudgens and Robin Soans.

So it really caught my eye when the richest man on earth bought Twister for himself.

He must play a lot of Twister! He paid over 400 billion dollars to own a board game.

But I'll acknowledge it's not just any board game. It has a spinner!

And in the end I suppose I am left with the same question as everyone else:

Will everyone still be able to play Twister, or just Elon Musk?

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