Sunday, January 8, 2023

More and more snow


This morning it was still snowing, but our major storm was over. Well over a foot of snow fell to the ground, but this morning's snow, still falling, was mere flurries, where the tiny snowflakes dance lightly in the air and never come to rest. And as I look out of the library now, the sun is shining on quiet trees laden with great boughs of snow. It's not as shockingly pretty as immediately after the snow stopped, because in a city the snow starts to color and degrade as soon as it can, but it's still pretty amazing, and even mundane things like plowing add to the effect by creating great, wild banks of white piled up against verges of new made wilderness.

Having been so sick this last month, and with the walking and driving made so difficult by ice, I have barely been out in this winter, except maybe in the homely areas of my neighborhood. But looking upon all the wonder I am starting to feel that urge again. How different the lonely woods and the river must be under all of this!

A few days ago I made homage to our current Winter with a couple of photos that were maybe more light sketches for this series today. Today the pictures are a bit more complex and complete, but their aim is the same: To give some feel for the grandeur of all this mighty snow!


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