Monday, January 23, 2023

Never give them ideas


A library patron comes up to me at the front desk of my library and asks "Do you have magazines that can be checked out and taken home?"

I wave it away as unnecessary. "I'd really just recommend tearing out whatever pages you're interested in."

The patron is a trifle shocked for a moment, then chuckles. At which point I lay out all the actual rules, regulations, and parameters for magazine locations and check outs. Then, because we're great friends now, the patron tells me that the magazines are for a resident at a home they work at, who enjoys magazines related to home design.

I tell the patron we have plenty of those and they exit stage right.

Some time later I look up from my computer and see this patron walking past with an armful of magazines. Smiling they say to me "I'll tear out the pages I need when I get home."

I've created a monster!

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