Saturday, February 18, 2023

Third time's the charm


Uncharacteristically this is my third attempt at a blog post today. I am not usually one for discarded drafts. I have a reasonably strong ability to charm myself at least.

But not today.

First I wrote about the Titanic.

Then I wrote about Harper Lee.

Ah, but what were they really about? One might enquire.

Well, if they were about anything else you'd probably be reading them right now.

So then, you surely wonder, what is this about? After all, you are reading it after two failed attempts. Surely it must have some significance.

This is about how I wrote two other blog posts that weren't good enough, but finally got it on my third try.

Yes. You say. But what is it really about?


I guess it's about how if one doesn't succeed at first one 

It's about how it's important to keep

The first effort is

In the

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