Friday, July 26, 2013

A Genie for you! (Six)

Hello to you dear sir or madam,

I am a person of very much trouble you may be able to help with to your great advantage and my own thank you. I live in a small Arabian country you have perhaps not heard of but is fine old country. I found an oil lamp and rubbed it. Out came a Genie who offered me three wishes. Genies sometimes can be very tricky and while I did well with my first wishes and became very rich, my third wish went awry. I have been informed you are a very upstanding person. I would like to send you this oil lamp and you will be able to wish for anything. I only ask that you choose as your first wish "Remove the tortoise from your previous master, Ahmed's, head." I will trust you to use one wish this way and then you will have two to do whatever you desire with. I thank you for your consideration of this matter. Please click the following link so that we can finalize our arrangements.

Please click here to receive your genie.

Once again I am thanking you very much to this mutual benefit.


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