Friday, July 26, 2013

Seven popular things to do on a blog (One)

In honor of short post week I am presenting seven popular things to do on a blog in seven posts. Seven posts, one day, you won't find deals like this anywhere else on the internet!

Generally speaking I find these popular things less interesting because I am all highbrow like James Joyce, or Radiohead, but it's short post week and all the rules go out the window...


Here are the seven popular things I will be doing today! (note, all things are now linked to their respective blog post!):

1. Make a list of seven popular things to do on a blog. Bloggers love this sort of thing and will flock to your blog. I am doing this popular thing right now!

2. Link to something that has like a million views. Much of the internet is made up of echo walls. Be an echo wall and others may echo your echo. It's a popularity Pyramid scheme. Get in now before it's too late!

3. Post a poem by Kabir, the 15th century poet. The poems are out of copyright and the Path of Kabir has nearly ten million followers. If just half of them come by your blog to check it out...

4. Host a micro guest blogger. Guest blogging is pretty demanding to set up, but in micro guest blogging you just have your micro guest blogger write a single sentence. Then all their friends, family, and acquaintances come to your blog to see it.

5. Structure your blog post so people have to click on things to see anything. This increases your stats and, even without content, makes the blog reader feel like they're part of a sophisticated interactive experience.

6. Promise the world/ Bait and switch. If you promise something unbelievably good no one will be able to resist the off chance that it might be true. Then just show them something cute to make them forget the whole thing and leave a happy aftertaste (this works well in conjunction with "5", make people click on things).

7. Show a cartoon! The rhetoric is that the internet loves cats, but it loves cartoons nearly as much. Keep it simple though, the internet best loves easily digestible things.

That's seven. Look for their examples in the hours to come! (Or now you can just click their links!).

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