Friday, July 26, 2013

Micro Guest Blogger Marcus. (Four)

Me:  I need you to micro guest blog for me. You have one sentence. Go!

Marcus: Uh. He said I was too old for prancing. I say boo to you.


  1. There is so much in that micro blog. It is probably because it is Friday and I am mentally checked out...but I find myself wondering about the people in that interchange. Who judgmentally stated that the person addressed was too old for prancing? I submit that it isn't possible for anyone employing the phrase "boo to you" will ever be too old to prance.

    Is it sad that my internal commentary on the micro blog is exponentially more lengthy and convoluted than its referent?

  2. Madame, there is nothing sad about your commentary!

  3. OMG! Is this the same Marcus who was a guest on the first Bob and Bunny show? He is the father of my 3 year old twins!!!


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